Ever since the beginning of the next console generation, multiple game developers announced special enhanced editions for their games, boasting better graphics and performance on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. One of the biggest MMORPG games released on console – The Elder Scrolls Online – is also gearing up for a makeover. Yesterday Bethesda announced that the popular MMO will get a new enhanced version of the game on June 8th.

The Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced update will feature some interesting changes across the board, tackling the visuals of the game. The trailer above highlights major improvements for the game’s environments. The Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced will boast enhanced reflections, better lighting, shadows, and superior textures.

However, crispier graphics are just the tip of the iceberg. Console Enhanced update will also tackle games performance, boosting load times and serving fans of the game an option to select between Performance or Fidelity modes. According to the publisher, Performance mode will offer TESO fans a chance to experience their beloved game featuring 60 FPS, while Fidelity mode will feature a slightly lower frame rate with better visuals.

It’s also worth mentioning that while Console Enhanced update is designed primarily for consoles, these improvements and changes will reach PC and Google Stadia players. Moreover, they’ll be able to check out these new features a week early, on June 1st. With the next big TESO expansion Blackwood release, Console Enhanced update should attract more new players to this widely popular MMORPG.

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