It was easy to predict that, over time, Riot Games take on the new ‘auto battler’ genre will rise in popularity. However, we weren’t expecting so much attention in just a single day. League of Legends’ new game mode, Teamfight Tactics Public Beta Environment, opened just a day ago and instantly surpassed every game in the list claiming the number one spot in just under an hour.

Teamfight Tactics surpassed the long-time standing champion Fortnite, left Counter Strike: Global Offensive in the dust, and even managed to beat its big brother League of Legends. Currently, the new game mode is still sitting at the very top on the Twitch browse category.

In case you missed, we’ve already written an article about Teamfight Tactics when it was originally announced. The game mode is set for a full launch on June 25th, along with the new 9.13 patch.