Next year, Sea of Thieves will change a lot. Game developers from Rare recently announced that next year a popular pirate game will change its additional content release model and will be shifting to seasonal updates. This will include a new and entirely optional Plunder Pass.

In a new video episode released by Rare, the development team shared their goals with this new shift and introduced a few small changes that fans of the game can expect in 2021. Check it out:

The first Seasonal update will be called Merchant Alliance Voyage and should become available in January. This will emphasize teamwork and will invite players to search for a lost shipment within a shipwreck, with plenty of loot waiting to be plundered. The developers promise a lot of new live events as well as some new daily and weekly challenges for the duration of the season. 

As expected, completing dedicated Merchant Alliance Voyage quests and events will help you earn the required gold and reputation in order to unlock Plunder Pass levels and get better rewards. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

While this shift doesn’t seem like a big thing or something groundbreaking, we can look at it from a fan perspective. Sea of Thieves seasons will mean that developers will have more time to fully flesh out their content ideas. Furthermore, it will establish a pattern and a schedule for the game’s added content making players return to the seas more often. Lastly, this shift signifies Rare’s dedication to supporting the game for years to come. And that’s always nice to hear.

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