Recently, we talked a bit about the upcoming content for the Hitman 2 game. The first major update is here, introducing New York’s Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank as the new location to explore. The DLC is now available for everyone with Expansion Pack 1 and Expansion Pass.

By playing through the new DLC, you’ll have to slip past the tight bank security in order to eliminate your new main target – Athena Savalas. The trailer features a couple of intricate details that you’ll be able to employ in order to get to your main objective. You’ll have to bypass security gates, eliminate guards and navigate through the crowded lobby. 

Hitman 2 is all about experimentation with the environment and creating numerous ways of assassinating people in a better, more entertaining and more imaginative manner. The new DLC might give players a good dozen of additional hours to partake in the finest assassination affairs and explore the new playground to the most scrupulous detail.

However, the new location is not the only thing coming with the DLC. It also features a couple of new missions in both, Mumbai and Santa Fortuna. If you’ve never played Hitman 2, we can’t recommend it enough for more methodical gamers. Check out our price for the title!