The world went nuts when Valve announced that they will be making a new Half-Life game… in VR. We wrote in detail about the announcement of the game in our previous blog post. Now, we also know the exact date for the release. According to a new Tweet, Half-Life: Alyx will land on March 23rd, 2020.

But the date reveal wasn’t the only thing fans received. Valve also shared three new stills to get players hyped about the upcoming release. The first one shows off Alyx’s first-person perspective where you can see few enemies trying to hide from your gaze. The next two images feature a few areas from the game and already got fans speculating about certain secrets hidden in these images. Surely, no concrete information can be extracted so, we’ll just have to wait.

In addition to the date reveal, Valve also opened up pre-orders for the game. Half-Life: Alyx is currently available with a -10% price tag and can be bought for 44,99€ for a limited time. The standard price for the game is 49,99€. If you decided to get the game, we suggest you check out our prices for some Steam gift cards. These will allow you to save even more!

Whatever your stance on VR games may be, Half-Life: Alyx promises to bring a revolution of technology. We can only hope Valve succeeds in their venture. The game will come out exclusively on PC and should work with all PC-compatible VR devices.