A while back we wrote about Torchlight III being released on Steam Early Access. We have to be honest, back then Torchlight III was full of bugs and other issues. Now, a few months later, developers fixed the most pressing issues and decided to release a full version of the game. Torchlight III 1.0 version should land on October 13th on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The most important detail in this announcement is the community’s excitement. While Torchlight III wasn’t very good at first, developers from Echtra Games did a lot of changes and tweaks according to player feedback and players quickly changed their minds about the game. The game’s reviews on Steam were negative at first but the score is quickly climbing up.

Moreso, the developers completely revamped Torchlight III’s end-game in regards to player feedback. Echtra Games did well to eliminate the grind for Contracts, revamp equippable Relics, and introduce more options to build your character.

However, for some, Torchlight III might still seem like a shallow incarnation of its glory days with the original Torchlight and Torchlight II. The third game only features three story acts, making it the shortest game in the series.

In any case, Torchlight III should do well for a time being. In recent months, ARPG fans don’t have many options to choose from so we expect it to do well until we get some news about Diablo IV or any other game in this genre. Torchlight III has a lot of potential on consoles too. After the game releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the developers will focus on the Nintendo Switch version which is scheduled to be released “later this year”. Who knows, if the game will show good sales, Echtra Games might even consider next-generation consoles. 

For the time being, we suggest checking out previous games in the series.