Summer is over, and the autumn season is kicking into gear. That means we not only returned to our regular lives, but with the weather getting chilly, we also started gaming a lot more. September has spoiled us with excellent video game releases like Cult of the Lamb, NBA 2K23, Steelrising, and others. On top of that, gamers also played games released prior. Wanna know what games took the top spot in September? Here are the TOP 3, and if you want even more – check out this collection

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Usually, superhero games are a hit or a miss. Batman Arkham series has proved that it’s possible to make a nearly perfect superhero game and drew a blueprint for future developers. Highly inspired by Rocksteady studios, in 2018, Insomniac released a Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4. Marvel’s Spider-Man has become an instant hit. It was not only one of the best superhero games ever made, but undoubtedly – the best game our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has ever got! Now the game is available on PC, and we are unable to put it down.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man has intuitive web-swinging mechanics, agile and nimble combat, an intriguing story, and a ton of Spider-Man suits equipped with different powers. In addition, the PC port offers City that Never Sleeps DLC completely free of charge, and mods can turn the game into anything you desire. Dare we say, being Spider-Man is a lot of fun, and this game captures it perfectly!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The thing with Dungeons & Dragons is that everything depends on what you and your friends can imagine. That means – you can break all the rules of the fantasy genre and invent your own. Monsters who usually are menacing can become kindhearted NPCs, and a friendly family dog might turn out to be a serial killer. With Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Gearbox let their imagination run amock and crafted a Borderlands game breaking every rule of Dungeons & Dragons.

Four-legged sharks, sword-wielding Unicorns, and bloodthirsty mushrooms are just a few characters that Tiny Tina’s imagination came up with. And there’s plenty more – each and everyone created with the signature Borderlands humor intact. And speaking of Borderlands signatures, what kind of game would this be without tons of loot and weapons? Mix and match armor sets, spells, abilities, and weapons – craft your version of the knight in shining armor carrying an assault rifle. 

No Man’s Sky

If you like an open world based on space exploration and full of possibilities – No Man’s Sky is a game for you. There are no guidelines to follow, no boundaries to restrict you. You set your own goals here as the entire Universe is your playground. You can mine for resources to get better equipment, build bases, or even create your own alien civilization. No Man’s Sky has become a Minecraft in space.

No Man's Sky

You can also buy space freighters to store all your space ships, engage in thrilling fights against space pirates, or even become one yourself! No Man’s Sky had become a very different game from when it was released. Hello Games is constantly cooking up new ambitious expansions; you’ll never know what they’ll come up with next. All game-changing updates and expansions are free, and you’ll only be paying for the base game. And that’s a steal!

The new Cyberpunk 2077 update had gamers returning to Night City, Farming Simulator 22 is never losing its appeal, and FIFA 23 pre-orders are shooting straight to the Moon. You’ll find many more outstanding games in this collection. If there is one thing we can claim for a fact – it’s that the gaming season has begun!