Game news

New Guilty Gear game is in the works

The new Guilty Gear will utilize 2.5D graphical style.


Riot Games is working on a fighting game

A few years ago, Riot Games acquired Radiant Entertainment.

Game news

New Street Fighter 5 characters leaked

3 new characters coming to the game.

Game news

One Punch Man is getting its own video game

The new game is being developed by Spike Chunsoft.

Game news

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 update detailed

3.0 update brings a lot of long-awaited features such as Stage Builder mode alongside Joker, a new hero from Persona 5.

Game news

Dead or Alive 6 finally gets online lobbies

If you've never played Dead or Alive 6, there hasn't been a better time to start.

Game news

The Kollector is a new Mortal Kombat 11 character

Character reveal also showed off Kollector's fatal blow and fatality.

Editorial picks

Get ready to fight - Mortal Kombat narrative recap

It’s about time to remember all the good and brutal stuff that has happened throughout the Mortal Kombat story.

Game news

Jump Force updates for 2019 announced

The publisher detailed free updates and paid DLCs for the game.

Editorial picks

What’s the newest Mortal Kombat 11 game like?

To answer the question we're analyzing game’s elements revealed throughout this past couple of months.


Mortal Kombat 11 characters - featured & already revealed

NetherRealm’s fighting series’ roster is expected to feature 25 unique challengers! Let's meet them.

Game news

Mortal Kombat 11 story trailer reveals new playable characters

The new trailer features some of the game's story details alongside many of the returning characters.

Game news

Negan and Julia will join Tekken 7 character roster

It's nice to see that even years after the release of the game, Bandai Namco is still supporting Tekken 7.