Fans of the popular MOBA game League of Legends have been eagerly waiting for some more news about the upcoming animated series based on their beloved game. During its 10th Anniversary celebration, Riot Games revealed that their team is currently working on a new project called Arcane, a new series that will tell a story about “the origins of two iconic League champions — and the power that will tear them apart.” Now, we got some more details about it – apparently, Arcane is nearing its launch and should make its way to Netflix this fall.

Here’s Arcane’s original trailer in case you need a reminder:

Originally, the new animated series was supposed to be released in 2020 but due to the COVID 19 pandemic the show was delayed. After a few months of silence, creators finally confirmed that Arcane is still coming and released another short teaser revealing the new launch window.

Additionally, we learned that “two iconic League of Legends champions” are Jinx and Vi. However, we expect to see even more familiar League of Legends characters in the future. 

Arcane will become the third animated series on Netflix based on a video game franchise. Netflix already released shows like Castlevania and Dota: Dragon’s Blood – both of which were received very well by fans. Having in mind the popularity of League of Legends, we expect that Arcane will attract even more viewers to binge through the new show. Our only hope is that Arcane won’t be delayed a second time…