Fans of indie games have definitely heard the Vox Games name before. This is a small developer team based in Australia that is rising in popularity with their recently released and highly appreciated game called Meeple Station. We’re are super happy to announce that their latest creation is now available for purchase on our store as our first officially licensed title.

For those who haven’t heard about Meeple Station before, it’s a space-oriented strategy simulation RPG. By playing Meeple Station you’ll have to build your very own space station. How will it look and work is entirely up to you, so if you really want, you can, for example, build your own Death Star! Just keep in mind that all the necessary components for securing life must be included… Mainly, oxygen and food production facilities. However, building and maintaining your space voyager in Meeple Station is not enough. You will be tasked and challenged by various occurring situations such as stray meteors hitting your spaceship from the outside, various visitors from distant galaxies and much more.

All these nuances make Meeple Station a must-play indie! If you like making your own choices and watching them play out, Meeple Station is a great addition to any gamer’s library.

So far it’s the one and only officially licensed game on our store but that’s definitely not going to be the case for long. Meeple Station is a great start and we’re hoping to vastly expand the list in the future. More news coming soon!