The spookiest day of the year is knocking at our doors, inviting us to conclude the Spooktober in the most remarkable way possible and that, naturally, includes playing scary video games, freezing the blood in our veins, and setting minds ablaze with fear and suspense! Horror video games are among the most popular in the gaming industry, entertaining and causing a rush of adrenaline to thousands of people. Last year we wrote about the best single-player horror games and the most heinous 5 of the best horror games on PC, but now is about time to discuss the most horrific, scary horror games of 2020 and we have a well-put list of 10. 

Co-op horror games

The appeal of horror games lies in the shared experience of jumpscares, gasping, and shrieking among friends, so we start off by introducing two titles that are the scariest when in co-op mode.


Kinetic Games decided to exploit the phobia of ghosts and develop a co-op psychological horror title that supports up to 4 players. If you crave a truly terrifying experience that grips your psychologically and the anticipation of terror making your skin crawl, then the Phasmophobia game is the right choice for you! A haunted manor, paranormal activity, eeriness creeping up and down your skins – all of this awaits you as you and your friends set out to discover as much evidence about local paranormal activities as possible… Before you are caught and plunged into eternal darkness. In this game, you can use your actual voice to interact with the ghosts to find out just what exactly haunts this place. Phasmophobia recreates the experience of paranormal investigations to the smallest details, from realistic graphics to whispers and sounds typically heard in haunted places – a perfect choice for the spookiest night of all!

Dead by Daylight

One of the most grandiose horror video games that are co-op is Dead by Daylight – a savage multiplayer horror game where one player assumes the role of the sadistic murderer and the rest become the hunted, doing everything in their power not to fall prey to this atrocious psychopath! A perfect title for the Halloween games’ night for you and your friends to sit gathered and face death together, having a good round of laughter and intensity. The in-game surroundings are crafted with utmost attention to detail, creating a haunting and eerie atmosphere, especially keeping well in mind that the killer can jump out from any corner or tree and put an end to you right here and now! Remember how you and your friends used to play catch in summer evenings? Well, it’s practically the same! Except that your life depends on this, sort of… After all, nothing unites people more than the thrill of being chased to death!

Indie horror games

From creepy creatures lurking behind the darkest corners to the most horrific narratives unfolding before your very eyes – indie horror games have it all!


Ever dreamed of becoming an amorphous creature, unleashing pure terror on those that happen to be in your way? Carrion game can fulfill this fantasy! Unlimited by physical shapes and filled with seething yearn for revenge, you creep around the facility to find every living creature and plunge them into death. Each one of them must suffer for imprisoning you and depriving you of the sunlight and fresh air… And oh, will you make them suffer! The inspiration for seeking revenge comes best the night of Halloween when all that’s horrific becomes exciting for the night! This indie title can perfectly serve as a Halloween game to entertain yourself with as it offers an interesting premise and engaging gameplay where you become the murderous predator instead of the victim trying to survive the nightmarish scenarios. Are you ready to become a destructive mass sowing death and gut-wrenching fear?

Layers of Fear

Speaking of fear, there is a game that bases its premise on recreating the deepest cultivations of fear. That’s right, we are talking about Layers of Fear. Although this horror game was released back in 2016, it remains one of the most popular Halloween video games to rock on All Hallows’ Eve. The first-person psychedelic game is saturated with horror elements, offering another unique story to become a part of. You assume the role of a painter who breathes and lives for the sole reason of finishing his final work, his Magnum Opus. The action takes place in the mansion of the Victorian era, so you can enjoy the eerie view of the décor of the 19th century, including the bone-chilling paintings and… More. Haunting melodies, fleeting visions – soon enough you begin to question whether all that you see is real or you lost your mind to the process of soul-consuming creation of art. One thing is certain – you can no longer trust your physical senses.

Single-player horror games

If you’re an avid gamer of narrative-driven titles where you can be alone and fully immerse in the virtual world of fantasy, we have two engrossing single-player horror games to offer for you!

Until Dawn

This PS4-exclusive title is a must for PlayStation 4 gamers who want to properly spend All Hallows’ Eve. Until Dawn is a drama horror game delivering a single-player story that shakes you to the core, leaving mixed feelings. Eight characters, stranded on a mountain retreat far from civilization, soon discover that they are not alone in this kingdom of snow and menacing silence. You can assume the role of any of the characters, meaning that you can experience the story from 8 different perspectives, creating a huge value of replayability. The characters in the game are voiced by such well-known actors and actresses as  Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere, Meaghan Martin, and many more, so the title is a well-polished horror masterpiece – quite a choice for PS4 players who are planning on having a Halloween games’ evening to mark one of the greatest celebrations of the year! However, there is one thing to consider… Do you have the guts to withstand the terror?

Resident Evil 3

Finally, we come to one of the most prodigious horror games designed for an invigorating single-player experience. Resident Evil 3 remake took the gaming world by the storm in 2020, the devs breathed life into one of the most horrific titles of Resident Evil games, a franchise known even by those who never played the said horror video games. Jill Valentine is dealing with the atrocities birthed by the Umbrella company and they are now wandering the streets of Racoon City. While you are struggling to battle the nightmarish creatures that are an offense to nature, you will face Umbrella’s tyrannical bioorganic weapon called Nemesis – an embodiment of primal horror. You can read more about Nemesis, Resident Evil 3 and more RE games in one of our blog posts called Resident Evil timeline explained. We think that RE 3 has claimed one of the top places in the list of scary video games and will remain so for years to come because this kind of horror is not to be taken lightly!

RPG horror games

Those who love scary video games with a well-crafted narrative often also enjoy bending the story to their will – that is why we are going to present two best RPG horror games of 2020.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

If you are looking for a title to add to your collection of Halloween games and for it to have elements of RPG, then The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is the right choice. This upcoming game is to be released on October 30, right before the glorious night of the spooks! The story begins with 4 college students and their professor getting stranded in the abandoned town of Little Hope but the catch is that they are trapped in the mysterious fog where they keep witnessing visions from the past, meeting the apparitions of sinister characters. The game travels all the way back into the past of the XVII century where the Andover Witch Trials took place. Blood of the women spilled on the ground of this village, still haunts the place to this very day, and now you are bound to experience the same pain they have – your decisions can no longer change the past, but you can influence how things turn out now!

7 Days to Die

Another engrossing RPG horror game to lose yourself in is 7 Days to Die – released back in 2013, the title aged like fine wine, providing entertainment for many gamers even today. Contrary to the previous game we talked about, this one allows you to create a character you would feel invested in. You can build their skills, improve and customize their looks and gear to develop the perfect character ready to take on the mortal dangers with the heart of the champion beating in their chest. However, don’t be fooled – horrors awaiting you are not as fun as customizing your playable character. Explore the open-world, craft tools, cooperate, compete, build – oh, and don’t forget to also avoid getting killed by starving zombies. What can be better than some old-school zombie survival game after the dark on the Eve of All Hallows? We don’t know either.

Action-horror games

RPG, indie, single-player and multiplayer games aside, you can also enjoy two magnificent action-horror games to experience some proper adrenaline rush and gripping suspense.

Dying Light 2

Unfortunately, this upcoming horror game is not a suitable choice for Halloween since it’s going to be released on the last day of the year 2020 – December 31, that doesn’t make it any less scary though. Dying Light 2 embodies zombie survival horror that throws you into the unforgiving world where human hearts have grown dark, succumbing to hopelessness with the apocalypse knocking at their door. Is it the sunset of mankind? It is up to you and your allies. One of the most spellbinding things about Dying Light 2 game is the tackling of dark themes, like the corruption of the kind human nature in the light of extinction and loss. Heavy themes aside, the game offers an immersive horror experience with a dynamic combat system and beautifully crafted open-world that you can interact with on a full scale! If you are looking for action saturated with horror elements, then you can look no further – make yourself comfortable and enjoy completely exhilarating gameplay that can be enjoyed in both single-player and multiplayer.

Alien: Isolation

Last but not least is the action-packed horror title that is certainly known by most gamers across the world – Alien: Isolation. If you want to experience real suspense, then this is the scary video game you are looking for. You are dealing with an alien xenomorph, just like the one from the 1979 movie, and the terror it brings to the game is indescribable! Probably the most terrifying, gripping part of the title is the in-game world – an environment where even your own breath sends you jolting. Every move and every turn is followed by pulsating fear of encountering the dread haunting these walls, and the terror doesn’t let you forget for a moment that you are inside these walls. If we had to decide which game invokes the sense of primal fear the best, that would be Alien: Isolation, so it’s a must-have in your library of Halloween-themed scary video games! Are you ready for the electrifying, mesmerizing, and horrid encounter with the extraterrestrial other?

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