Gamers across the globe waited a long time for Amazon to finally make its first step towards the gaming market. That step came in a form of Crucible, a third-person MOBA and Battle Royale mash-up that recently made its way to Steam. However, the initial launch of the game wasn’t without its problems and the developers form Relentless Studios decided to take their time and fine-tune the game before kicking off the first season.

According to developers, the changes in Crucible will be implemented in two separate phases. The first one is all about building and iterating and includes expanding the list of Cruscible’s features. A lot of players who tried the game couldn’t find options such as voice chat, pinging system, option to surrender if the game doesn’t go your way, and ability to self-moderate game’s community.

In the second phase, Relentless Studios is hoping to add more additional systems and tune the existing ones. According to the team, Relentless would love to tinker with hero abilities, and add new ones, experiment with Crucible’s map and creatures running around it. You know, polishing the game and developing new content.

The question is if it’s not too late. Almost a month has passed since the initial release of Crucible and many gamers got their chance to try out the game. However, a lot of mixed reviews didn’t help Crucible to take off and make its presents known among the likes of other free team-based shooters – Call of Duty Warzone, Valorant, or Apex Legends. And in nowadays standards, Crucible might be already dead in the eyes of the gamers.

In any case, we love game redemption stories and would love to see Crucible solving its problems and becoming a one of kind game. If 4v4 third-person action shooter sounds like your type of game, be sure to give it a try.