Game news

Cobra Kai game will be released on consoles in October

The Karate Kid Saga Continues...

Game news

Rocket League set a new player record

Almost 500K players across all platforms!

Game news

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC content will be coming to consoles

Every Red Dead Redemption 2 player will play the same version of the game.

Editorial picks

Best games 2019 – a retrospective look

We picked out the best games of 2019!

Game news

Two Point Hospital delayed its launch on consoles

The new release window is the first half of 2020.

Game news

The developers of Hitman are making a new game

The new project is targeted at console and PC players.

Game news

Torchlight II is coming to consoles

The game will be ported for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.