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My PayPal payment was not completed. What can I do?

It is possible that your order was rejected by our security system due to some discrepancies in the information received.  Please take a look at these suggestions that we recommend you always keep in mind while paying with PayPal to prevent this from happening:

  • Please make sure that your PayPal account is confirmed and secured by a password with high complexity and, preferably, with 2-step verification as well;
  • For security reasons, use the device and connection you normally use to connect to your PayPal account;
  • Make sure that your PayPal information, including your phone number, is correct and up-to-date;
  • Please use your PayPal email to register the purchase on our page.

Also know that, in case of a charge, a refund is requested automatically and will reach you as soon as the provider approves it.

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