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Payment has been declined

In some cases, the payment provider you're using may decline the transaction before any information is sent to us. This is normally connected to some restriction the payment method you're using may have, like in terms of international or online transactions, or even connected to a typo on the information you've provided.

To try and avoid this problem, please keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Please check your bank's online settings and make sure that you are able to make international and online payments with the card you're using;
  • Check all the information you've inputted and make sure that everything is accurate and up-to-date; 
  • Confirm that you have funds available in the payment method you're trying to use;

Also, make sure you have 3D-Secure active with this card and make sure to use it while making your purchase. Alternatively, you can also try to add your card to a PayPal account and then use PayPal as the payment method. In some cases that's enough to work around the problem. If that doesn’t work, we would recommend you contact the card's provider directly to learn more about why the payments aren’t being approved.

Please bear in mind that although your transaction has been declined, your bank may still withhold the funds. Meaning that, although the payment has never left your account, you may still see the transaction as pending.

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