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Simulation games

Simulation games are meant to imitate a certain situation or event. This type of games most often enrolls players in a real-life like situations, but there are also instances where fantasy or potential future situations are recreated.

Whether it’s a child, teen or an adult – everyone can find their cup of tea (or whiskey), as there is a simulator game to absolutely everything. From business and construction to surgery and war. The very best thing about this genre is that it requires countless decisions and actions to be performed as simulation games are very detailed, vast and precise.

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By their very nature the main aim of simulations is to re-create an experience. Most often the games are split between management simulations like Surviving Mars and Sim City, or more personal hands on experience like Surgeon or Microsoft Flight simulator. As simulation games can be pretty much about anything, there are many more sub-genres branched out to all kinds of categories:

  • Business/Trade Simulations — stalk market, corporate life, economic up-hills and down-falls and high risk – high reward type of simulators. Also includes games in the city building category.
  • City Building Simulations — collecting taxes, designing the layout, managing inhabitants and creating laws. All to create a successful city infrastructure.
  • Vehicle/Flight Simulations — an opportunity to control helicopters, planes, tractors, racing cars, ships and other means of transport.
  • Sports Simulations — everything from basketball to cricket.
  • Life Simulations — an imitation to every imaginable type of activity and work setting.

Simulation game genre is very attractive and popular because it offers a level of control and entertainment limited only by the players imagination. So, whether you decide to kick a goal to your own net, demolish a city or cause a financial crisis – it’s all just a simulation, so sit back, relax and enjoy!