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FPS / TPS games

FPS/TPS genre is for players who are ready to pack some heat and vent off some steam. This genre requires excellent eye and hand coordination as well as cold blooded killing instinct, as striking down the enemy is the main game mechanic.

Shooters are categorized by the player perspective, most common being First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter. Usually very violent and fast paced. Any imaginable weapon whether it’s a direct replica from WWII, or straight out of space sci-fi laser beaming cannon can be put into use within the spectrum that the genre offers.

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The history of first- or third-person shooters is almost as old as PC’s go. Shooter genre always was, is and will be extremely competitive, thus it is considered to increasingly become more and more social. Fast timing, quick judgement skills, strategic manoeuvring as well as precise aim and sturdy hand is extremely important here. The main goal is to eliminate enemies while staying alive. There are two main categories:

  • FPS or First-Person Shooter — players see the world as if through their own eyes, character is not visible, apart from limbs or lower body, some good examples are Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and Far Cry.
  • TPS or Third-Person Shooter — players control the protagonist from a third person view point. The controlled character is visible, usually from slightly above and behind camera angle. Good examples are Fortnite, Tom Clancy’s franchise, H1Z1.

Multiplayer matches are extremely popular in this genre, in fact, multiplayer format in FPS/TPS genre is so popular nowadays that some developers put all their efforts in perfecting the competitiveness, longevity and re-playability of this particular format and do not really bother with single-player modes.