If you’re a big anime fan, you probably know about Guilty Gear and a special fighting game series inspired by it. Fans of this franchise have been eagerly waiting for April for the new game called Guilty Gear -Strive to release. However, Arc System Works said that the game still isn’t complete and will be delayed until June 11th, 2021.

The news about this was announced via Twitter where developers said that they’ll use the extra time to improve the game’s quality and provide a better experience to all their players.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is not the first time Guilty Gear -Strive has been delayed. Originally, the game was supposed to be out in May 2020, but due to the ongoing pandemic, nobody was surprised. However, this second delay already gave way to a lot of memes where fans recreate Guilty Gear -Strive logo in a yellow background… Ouch!

In any case, the delay for two additional months doesn’t sound too bad, considering that fans of Guilty Gear have been waiting for this game a long time. To ease your cravings while you wait for new Guilty Gear episodes and a game, be sure to check out our deals for the previous series’ games.