How long is Link’s Awakening?

Since the Switch version of Zelda Link’s Awakening is not yet available, and we have no way to know how much will be added or what will be removed, we can only estimate. The first release of the game for GameBoy could safely take up about 15 hours if you play at a light pace and are not afraid to explore and inspect various secrets. It is probably safe to assume that the remake should have similar game time. Assuming you want to find all the collectables and play around in the dungeon maker, it might even take longer than that, no way to know until Zelda Link’s Awakening hits the shelves (or the market in general). Yet keep in mind that the numbers only represent a singular run; the replayability might increase even the estimated count.

Where does Link’s Awakening take place?

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening takes place in Koholint Island, where Link is washed ashore at the very start of the game. It is a vivid and vibrant island, and it’s one of the unusual events when the game’s plot takes place in an area that is not Hyrule. Island’s inhabitants all seem delightfully charming, and the enemies are fierce, and there’s a sense of mystery hanging over Zelda Link’s Awakening. It is up to the player to find out the island’s secrets and help Link find a way back home.

Is Link’s Awakening an open world?

Link’s Awakening is not an open-world game, it is a story-driven dungeon conquering adventure! But do not be mistaken, there is a certain freedom in the game for sure. While you are guided by the questline, no one stops you from exploring the right side of the road instead of the left; it’s the ending and checkpoints that are determined, not how you reach it. And probably the greatest expression of that notion in Zelda Link’s awakening is the ability to make unique dungeons that will not fail to surprise you. Grab that gear, battle those foes and if you end up using this detour from the main story as means to become stronger, no one will punish you for that!

How old is Link in Link’s Awakening?

The general unofficial consensus is 16. There are only a few confirmed ages for Link between different iteration of the series, therefore the fans of the franchise can only guess. The very first game of Legend of Zelda puts Link at 12 years old, but in Zelda Link’s Awakening, our hero is more mature. The oldest Link ever got to be was 17 and six months. It is safe to say that 12 and 17 are the margins where all other games should fit – or at least that’s how it was for a long time. With new adventures coming out and some conflicting information provided in the official encyclopaedia, we can only speculate, as there’s no concrete timeline to Link’s age.

Does Link get reincarnated?

There is deep and complicated history concerning Link, Zelda and the whole history of Hyrule. The entire series, including Zelda Link’s Awakening, is creative in their approach to the story. Here you’ll find a rebirth, time travel and other fun adventures and it is our recommendation to experience it all by yourself! But in the simplest terms, yes – the hero (Link), the goddess (Zelda) and the enemy (Ganon) will always circle each other in every reincarnation. At the very beginning, the Goddess gave up her immortality in order to best fight entity called Demise and finally subdued it with the help of the Hero.

These three elements are the centre of Zelda’s series, their never-ending entanglement is the basis of many conflicts. Iterations like Zelda Link’s Awakening don’t have a concise place that would arch into the greater plot, but it is safe to say that several games from the franchise may be lumped together in a sort-of saga that serves to expand on similar plots. The latest such release was Breath of the Wild, featuring brand new incarnations (but also not really) of the trio – thus will belong to the same cluster of games, but at the same time, they are removed from the previous games. Long answer short: reincarnation happens, but maybe not always as directly as it might seem, and Zelda Link’s Awakening only features the version of Link.

What is Link’s last name?

He doesn’t have one! Like any other self-respecting hero, Link prefers to be called by cool nicknames such as Master Shortpants or Mr. Important Hero, therefore no last name is necessary. Maybe in the future, we will know, but at the moment it’s a mystery. But as a more serious answer, there’s no such thing as last names in the franchise. Some characters might display their ranks or family ties next to their name, but for the most part, the universe is only built around sole and singular first names (Zelda Link’s Awakening is a good example of that).

Are Zelda and Link in a relationship? 

Now that’s a question about the tale as old as time! But officially, not really. Depending on the game, there are varying degrees of attraction that ties them together. They were childhood friends, princess and the knight, hero and the goddess – many scenarios, and while not explicit love, they are strongly connected in each of their reincarnations. Of course, we never know where the plot might take us in the future, but ultimately, only developers know what’s the goal to accomplish in terms of their relationship. For example, Zelda Link’s Awakening doesn’t even feature Zelda, so it would be hard to vouch for their relationship. Taking it all in, in terms of gameplay experience, the answer would be neither No nor Yes, it’s a big bold Maybe.

Will Link’s Awakening have Goombas?

Yes, but not only them! Piranha Plant and Chain Chomps also appear in the game, accompanied by a whole roster of enemies from Nintendo games. They can be viewed as a kind of nod towards different Nintendo games, which only adds more enjoyment for the fans of this developer. There are several design choices in Zelda Link’s Awakening that pay a slight tribute to Mario franchise particularly (as an addition to the enemies, of course). The Egg of the Wind Fish is similar to Yoshi’s egg, and one of the more notable characters called Tarin sports very eerily familiar moustache!

Final notes

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