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Purchasing products from individual sellers

On Eneba Platform, users can buy physical products directly from other users - individual sellers.

What does “individual seller” mean?

Individual seller is a seller that is not a professional business or a trader - just another individual user of Eneba.

What is the difference between “individual seller” and “professional seller”?

When purchasing from an individual seller, the purchase is not considered as “consumer - business relationship”, but rather as a transaction between two users - natural persons, similar to a purchase from a friend.

What is the difference between purchase from “individual seller” and “professional seller”?

When purchasing from individual seller, you are not considered a consumer and do not enjoy certain consumer rights granted by law. For example, you cannot return the purchased product “no questions asked” during 14 days (“cool-off period”) even though the product has been purchased online. Additionally, products purchased from individual seller do not have same warranty protections as a product purchased from a professional seller - only hidden defects that are already there are covered by statutory warranty.

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