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How does "Make offer" work?

How does Make offer feature work?

Make offer feature introduces private price negotiation between buyer and seller.

It is based on Eneba Chat and allows buyers to make offers to sellers in the form of chat messages (bubbles).

If the seller accepts the offer, the buyer can then buy the item for the negotiated private price.

Is there a limit of offers I can make for one listing?

Yes. You can make 5 offers for one listing.

I made my offer but I changed my mind. How can I cancel it?

Currently, there is no way to cancel offers. However, any offer is automatically canceled after 72 hours if the seller fails to accept or reject it. If the seller accepts the offer you are no longer interested in making, you are not required to purchase the item. You can always contact the seller directly via chat if you changed your mind or have any questions. 

I made an offer but the seller did not respond to my request. What happens next? 

Sellers are immediately informed about the offers they receive - it is up to them to reject or accept it in 72 hours. If you want to get in touch with them directly, you can always send them a chat message, however, keep in mind that responses might take a while. 

Is it safe to engage in private offers?

Yes, it’s as safe as using Eneba to buy and sell gaming items.

My offer was rejected by the seller. Why? What should I do?

We give sellers complete freedom to make their own decisions about your offer. If you want more information about why your offer was rejected, feel free to reach out to the seller via chat. You can always make another offer - the limit of offers you can make for one listing is 5.

Why can’t I make an offer?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to make offer:

  • Seller did not turn on Chat & Make offer features for this specific listing.

  • You already made an offer for this listing. Additional offers for the same listing can only be made after the seller makes their decision. 

  • You already made an offer and it was accepted by the seller - you can now buy it for the offered price! Keep in mind that after your offer is accepted, you cannot make any additional offers for that listing.

  • You made 5 offers and all of them expired or were rejected by the seller.

Why has my offer expired?

When the seller accepts your offer, you have 72 hours to finalize the transaction and purchase the item for the offered price. If you don’t buy the item in the given time, your offer will expire and will no longer be available. If the product is still listed on the marketplace, you can make an offer again.

Offer I made was accepted, but the product is not available anymore, why?

Please note that when the seller accepts your offer, the item is not reserved for you. While you are making an offer, other buyers can still buy the item for the regular price or make their offers to the seller. Sellers can also unpublish their listing any time they want, thus making the item unavailable.

Seller accepted my offer but I see the wrong price in the checkout

In order to buy the item for the offered price, you must finalize the transaction in-chat. After the offer is accepted, you will see a button BUY NOW. You will be able to purchase the item for the agreed price only by clicking the button in the chat with the seller. Buying the item through the listing page means you will purchase it for the regular price. Please note that transaction fees and shipping costs might be added to the total price. If you are sure that there is an error regarding the price, please contact our customer support.

What happens if I don’t complete the transaction after the offer I made was accepted by the seller? 

If the item is still available for purchase on Eneba, you can make another offer - the limit of offers you can make for the same listing is 5. Additionally, you can always contact the seller directly via chat to inform them about the situation. 

Do I have to buy the item if my offer was accepted? 

You are not obligated to purchase the item if your offer was accepted. If you changed your mind, we recommend reaching out to the seller via chat to inform them about it. 


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