It’s hard to argue – cheaters are a problem in almost any first-person shooter game. Apex Legends, a game by Respawn Entertainment, is no exception. Earlier, the developer promised to make some moves in order to remove cheaters from the game and last week Respawn Entertainment announced that it already banned over 770 000 thousand players, blocked 300 000 account creations and stopped over 4000 cheating services. Not bad, huh?

Drew McCoy, Apex Legends project lead at Respawn Entertainment, posted this information in an official blog claiming that the battle against cheaters is far from over.

“We’ve been working closely with key experts across EA, including EA Security and Fraud, the Origin teams, and our fellow developers at DICE, FIFA, and Capital Games, in addition to Easy-Anti-Cheat. While we’ve already rolled out several updates (and will be continually doing so for the foreseeable future), others will take time to fully implement. We can’t share details on what we’re doing so as to not give a head’s up to the cheat makers, but what we can say is that we’re attacking this from every angle: from improvements in detecting cheaters, to bolstering resources and tools, to improving processes and other sneaky things to combat sellers and cheaters.”wrote Drew McCoy.

Of course, cracking down on cheaters is a huge task in a game which attracted over 50 million players. That’s a lot of people to monitor, but Respawn Entertainment are already hard at work with the ever new updates including a new in-game reporting tool. We can remind you that the company banned 16 000 accounts in its first week without any reporting option or in-game trackers. Seems like Respawn Entertainment is very dedicated on keeping Apex Legends a fair game. And we thank them for it.