CSI: Deadly Intent Wii

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CSI: Deadly Intent Wii
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    CSI: Deadly Intent CD

    Developed by such a distinguished gaming studio as Telltale Games and published by globally known Ubisoft Entertainment, CSI: Deadly Intent CD delivers an electrifying experience one simply could not pass by. Released in 2009-10-27 and available on Wii, the title is ready to redefine your gaming experience at the seams. Buy CSI: Deadly Intent CD for a cheaper price and enjoy hours of engaging and jovial gameplay, a fine entertainment in the virtual world, perfect for unwinding after a long day or draw inspiration from. Witness the unlimited potential of CSI: Deadly Intent Wii CD today for a lucrative offer!

    Action-adventure genre

    Who doesn’t like a little variety? If you’re a fan of both action and adventure games and want to try something new, CSI: Deadly Intent Wii CD is really for you. It’s an action-adventure game, yes, you’ve guessed it right. It’ll offer you a great variety of gameplay, both in activities requiring action and riddles requiring thinking. Have fun whilst experiencing a mix of game genres you love. Develop great multitasking skills as you immerse yourself in a vast array of different tasks. This game is something else!


    CSI: Deadly Intent CD has a multitude of great gaming features one must first investigate! Here is the entire list of details you should know about the title:

    • • Crime – The title explores criminal activities, transgressions, corruption, and more;
    • • Detective – You have to search for clues and solve various mysteries;
    • • Investigation – You have to solve problems by gathering evidence and useful information;
    • • Singleplayer – The game features a solo campaign with a story.

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    Kita informacija

    Išleidimo data
    • Spalio 27, 2009
    • Ubisoft Entertainment
    • Telltale Games
    • Wii

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