2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa Wii

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    2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa | Used Wii CD

    Play as one of your favourite football heroes and take part in one of the largest sporting events in the world - the 2010 FIFA World Cup - with 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Wii! Lead your chosen nation from the qualification rounds all the way to the FIFA World Cup Finals in the official and exclusive licensed sports game published by EA Sports! Experience a full range of emotions along the way with all the fanfare common to this tournament, from fireworks to hardcore supporters cheering in their native languages from the stands. Buy 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa used Wii CD - follow your national football team on their journey to ultimate victory! Don’t miss your chance to add another football title to your game collection - buy a second-hand copy cheaper today!

    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa features

    With the new two-button control method, even newcomers to the FIFA series can exceed all expectations and master the game! Experience all the ups and downs as you compete for the title of the best football team in the world!

    • Battle of the nations. Pick one of the real 199 teams and successfully lead your squad from the qualifiers to the finals - test your strategic thinking and reaction in 10 official stadiums;
    • Online Tournament Mode. Rewrite history and prove that your national team is the best in the Battle of the Nations - crush rival nations in the authentic online Tournament mode;
    • Multiplayer action. Compete against your friends in local 4 player mode or help each other in co-op - face rival players in online 8-player mode;
    • Gameplay improvements. Playing in their home pitch makes opponents strategically and defensively stronger while playing away weakens them.
    • Altitude effects. The ball travels faster and further with less air resistance - playing at cities with higher elevation also makes your players fatigue faster;
    • Cheap 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Wii price.

    The world’s game come alive

    Experience what it’s like to score a goal that lifts an entire nation with the true-to-life detailed 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game! Take part in some of the fiercest national rivalries as you run around the field as your favourite legends! The advanced AI perfectly captures the behaviour of actual players, various situational tactics, and the impact of altitude not only to the football stars but to the flight of the ball as well. Lead your team to victory as you virtually travel around the globe. Buy 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa used Wii CD - immerse yourself into the celebration of the largest sporting event in the world!