Nintendo continues their well-established trend of releasing good and satisfying games, making their switch console into a recommended purchase for many of the gamers. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Nintendo games we have on offer, for you – the player. Some will be recently released; others may already be considered a classic, and the rest will be making their grand entrance in the coming days! But all of them are worthy of your utmost attention!

Astral Chain

One of the newest Nintendo titles, Astral Chain engages and challenges the player in one go. The premise of the game is fairly simple: a city is being invaded by beings from another dimension, and it is the protagonist’s job to put a stop to the destruction. Team up with a partner Legion and step into the battlefield in one of the best Nintendo games this year. It is your job to dig out the secrets and secure the future for innocent citizens. The comforting thing is that you can always rely on your Legion to do some heavy lifting.

The player can control both their selected protagonist and Legion at the same time, which allows for quick combos and swift combat. With different types of Legions, you will have plenty of options to choose from, unprecedented playstyle variety comes as a guarantee. And keep in mind that Legions can be useful not only in the battle but also while solving environmental puzzles and assisting in investigations – a true partner through and through.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

List of the best Nintendo games would not deserve of its name without Pokémon. The series thrived from the very first ‘Pika’, and the newest iterations titled Sword and Shield is set to amaze with new or returning gameplay elements. The plot is the traditional one, as you control a hopeful Pokémon champion who wants nothing more than to become the very best! Depending on which version you choose to get, certain aspects might change for you, such as different gym leaders that you can challenge or version-exclusive Pokémon. The game also gives amazing freedom of action. What earns this title a spot among best Nintendo games is the fact your avatar is able to roam the open fields of Wild Area which changes according to weather.

And the weather truly affects what Pokémon you might catch, as well as impacts the combat capabilities of different individuals. Additionally, your connection to your Pokémon partners can be cultivated via the camp option. Here you can train with them and strengthen your bond – or just revel in how wonderful they are! And that’s not all, Pokémon camp is also the place where you can make curry for yourself and your partner! So, pick the right ingredients, fan the flames, and keep the curry nice and toasty! Best Nintendo games are bound to include the Pokémon Sword and Shield, as these next-gen titles will provide the player with plenty of gameplay, connectivity, and customization.

Super Mario Maker 2

No Nintendo listing would be complete without the inclusion of Super Mario Maker 2. A direct sequel to the previously released game that goes by the same name. This title takes your creativity and elevates it to a whole new level. The whole point of the game is to build amusing and often challenging courses, using a variety of styles and tools. The process is fairly simple, but it is the mastery of those tools that give the game a spot in the best Nintendo games list.  As you learn the intricacies of placement, your courses can turn into unique interdimensional rides, bursting with limitless potential and challenges.

Once you feel astounded by what you yourself have created, go ahead and share it! Online connectivity is almost as integral to the game as the ability to build anything. After all, this way you not only get a chance to show off your ingenuity, but you will also be able to conquer the maps that other users make. Rate them, learn from them and just have fun with the endless and ever-original gameplay that surely keeps this title as one of the best Nintendo games (well… maybe until the 3rd part strolls in!).

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Hailing from a great and extensive line of Fire Emblem games, this new iteration in tactical series will not disappoint the long-time fans and the absolute newcomers alike. The player takes control of a male or female protagonist and immerses in a professor’s and advisor’s role on one of the three titular houses within the Officer’s Academy. It is your job to teach them to the best of your ability so that your chosen house’s leader would also become a good ruler. This strategic title is well-worth the label of one of the best Nintendo games. A lot rests on your shoulders but you are bound to be charmed by the numerous twists and turns of the story and the intricate combat mechanics.  

Immerse yourself in an engaging and often imposing turn-based, tactical RPG. Dedicated fans will find newly added elements, such as the troop battalions that can be assigned to each unit (giving the game an even grander scope). The relationship building is also back, as it allows you to deepen your bonds with selected characters and better understand the world your protagonist lives in. With several routes to pick from, the game offers great replayability, earning it a spot in the best Nintendo games listing that we’ve come up with.

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age

There probably isn’t a fan of RPGs who is unaware of this title. Dragon Quest is often considered to be the godfather of the RPG games, as the name is now considered iconic by a vast majority of gamers. In this iteration, you will step into the shoes of the famed hero, meant to bring the light to the world. Face trials and dangers as you and your group of companions will struggle to overcome the odds. Grow in skill, become knowledgeable and prove your worth!

The game is released as a definitive edition, offering extended storyline with deeper insight into the past and a hefty ton of motivations to start anew. There are also monsters you can ride into battle with, but first, you have to obtain them. And last but not least, gameplay interconnects with past Dragon Quests, giving you a chance to experience the old 16-bit maps straight from the titles that shined popularity back in the day. The newest release in the series is a must-have for those who appreciate the carefully crafted and brilliantly depicted story – if you’re among these, the title is up for grabs.

If any of these titles interest you and you are one of the Nintendo Switch owners, please put your hesitation aside and visit our digital store, it’s worth it for more than just the price.