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Why doesn't my listing get published?

Listing status: In Review

In Eneba, every listing is verified before publishing. Usually it takes very little to no time. In rare cases, it can take up to few hours. If you've noticed that some of your listings are stuck "In Review" for more than a day - let us know by creating a ticket.

Listing status: Changes requested

There were changes requested necessary to publish your listing. Check your email or the "Edit Listing" page for more details. Apply the changes, click "Submit for Review" and the listing will be re-reviewed soon.

Listing status: On Hold

Your listing is most likely ready to be published, but for this to happen, you need to finish verifying your account. 

Listing is missing

If you're sure you created a listing, but you cannot see it, check your email if it wasn't deleted due to violations of our Terms and Conditions. If that's not the case - please let us know about such error by creating a ticket.

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