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How to create a listing?

Start here by selecting a category for the product you're about to sell.

If you'd like to sell multiple products and prefer doing it in a single transaction, consider creating a bundle! Read more about it below.

Category-specific instructions:

  • Selling a console
    Select the right platform, model, storage capacity (if possible) and color.

  • Selling a game
    Since gaming catalogue is just enormous, you have to select games you want to sell from a list so the buyers could easily find them and make you sell them faster!
    Select the platform of the game and then type the name of the game you're about to sell. The search will only take place among the selected platform's games. If you cannot find a game you have, hit the "Request product" button and our team will soon add it. You will be informed about the game being added via email.

  • Selling an accessory
    Choose the accessory type and platforms for your accessory. Make sure that the selected platforms are compatible with the accessory you want to sell.
  • Selling a PC part, laptop or a mobile device
    For any of these products, you will be asked to search and select them from the list. If the item you want to sell is not on the list, you can add it manually. If you add the item manually, you will need to fill in all of the specifications manually as well.

  • Selling a PC build
    PC build in essence is a bundle of PC parts that cannot be purchased separately. You will be asked to add PC parts individually by searching and selecting them from the list. If you can't find one you're looking for, you can add it manually. For any PC parts that are added manually, you will need to fill in the specifications manually as well.

  • Selling a bundle
    Currently you can bundle any combination of consoles, games and accessories. Selling a bundle is basically creating many listings in one sitting. When creating a bundle listing, you'll be able to set whether you'd like to allow the items in the bundle to be sold separately. If you do so, all items in the bundle will have their individual pages and links to the bundle page. Allowing selling separately gives your listings more exposure.

Shared instructions:

  • Uploading images
    When taking pictures, make sure you capture all the important features of your product, especially the visible wear and defects. Images should contain only the items you're selling with the particular listing.

  • Setting item condition and writing description
    To correctly set the item condition, follow these instructions. The description should mostly be focused on item's condition details, but also include everything you'd like the buyer to know about the product. Imagine yourself as a buyer - what would you ask the seller when purchasing such product? By adding answers to those hypothetical questions, you're likely to increase your chances of selling faster.

  • Enabling chat
    You can freely choose whether to enable or disable the ability for buyers to message you. It is highly recommended to enable the chat function if you missed some details about the item. Buyers might ask very specific details about your product, try to negotiate the price or even ask you to bundle some of your already listed items in order for them to save on shipping and for you to save on packaging.

  • Setting price
    Determining the price is completely up to you. But if you need advice, please refer to this section.

  • Selecting shipping methods
    First, you need to select the parcel size for your product. Then, considering your location, choose shipping providers that you'd prefer using. The more you select - the more freedom you give to the potential buyer. Note that the variety of shipping providers may vary per selected parcel size due to provider's limitations.

Hit "Confirm" and your listing will soon be reviewed and published!

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