House Party Steam Key GLOBAL

House Party Steam Key GLOBAL

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    House Party Steam Key

    Each game is unique in its own way, and House Party key is no exception in this regard. Developed by the capable team from Eek! Games, LLC on 2017-06-30, the game on Steam presents a remarkable take on the adventure genre, with a distinct character that distinguishes this title from most other games. Buy House Party Steam key for a great price and see for yourself what the fuss about this game is all about! An invigorating experience, unforgettable moments, and engaging gameplay all await you with one and only House Party key!

    Adventure genre

    House Party Steam key is a very fun and rewarding way to spend your time! It’s an adventure game and it’ll therefore transfer you into a world full of interesting tasks. Find yourself exposed to various riddles and puzzles that’ll provoke your mind. This story-based mystery is for those who enjoy overcoming challenges and for those who appreciate the sense of achievement once they do overcome the obstacles. Search for clues, answer questions, and reach the goal. It won’t be fast nor easy, but it’ll surely feel rewarding.


    House Party key contains elements that are bound to grab your attention from the very first minutes of gameplay! Enjoy these features that further enhance the overall experience:

    • 3D graphics – The world is three-dimensional and can be viewed and rotated at every angle;
    • Early access – The game is still in development – fixes, features, and quality of life improvements are coming in the future;
    • Indie – The locations, characters, soundtrack, and story were created by a smaller, independent developer team;
    • Mature – The game contains intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content or strong language;
    • Simulator – You can do things that you can’t do in the real world via simulations;
    • Singleplayer – The game features a solo campaign with a story;
    • • Cheap House Party price.


    Minimale systeem vereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      Windows 7+
    • Processor
    • Geheugen
      4 GB RAM
    • Graphics
      Direct X 11 GPU w/ 2GB Memory
    • Opslag
      5 GB

    Aanbevolen systeemvereisten

    • Systeemvereisten
      Windows 7+
    • Processor
      Intel Core i7 3770 or AMD FX-8350
    • Geheugen
      8 GB RAM
    • Graphics
      Direct X 11 GPU w/ 4GB Memory
    • Opslag
      5 GB

    Andere details

    • Talen
      • Engels
    • Releasedatum:
      30 juni 2017
    • Uitgever
      Eek! Games, LLC
    • Ontwikkelaars
      Eek! Games, LLC
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