Grand Theft Auto V GTA: Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack (DLC) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key EUROPE

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Grand Theft Auto V GTA: Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack (DLC) (Xbox One)

Grand Theft Auto V – Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is one of the best ways to start your GTAV journey online. With this exclusive pack, your in-game character will instantly get content estimated to be worth for over ten-million GTA$, and an additional one mill bonus cash straight to your in-game bank account!

Your Brand-new Facilities Await!
• Executive Office in Maze Bank West
• Gunrunning Bunker in Paleto Forest
• Counterfeit Cash Factory in Senora Desert
• Biker Clubhouse — Great Chaparral
• An Apartment at 1561 San Vitas Street
• 1337 Exceptionalists Way garage with 10 vehicles

Prepare for Some Amazing Rides!
• Dune FAV
• Huntley S
• Turismo R
• Coquette Classic
• Obey Omnis
• Enus Windsor
• Maibatsu Frogger
• Pegassi Vortex
• Banshee
• Western Zombie Chopper

Along with real estate properties, exclusive vehicles and some extra cash in bank account you’ll also be able to equip a marksman rifle, compact grenade launcher, compact rifle, few good-looking outfits and finally — good old Biker Tattoos! Don’t miss on this starter pack as it’s a notorious way to jump-start your empire, or at the very least, it beats living in the streets, doesn’t it?

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December 15, 2017


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