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QUAKE III Arena + Team Arena

Quake III Arena is a FPS game, developed by Id Software. The game is focused on multiplayer experience. You are one of the greatest warriors of all time, unfortunately, you are captured and put into the fighting arena. For the amusement of the Vadrigar race, you must battle other warriors in order to survive. Experience the thrills of a deathmatch where you are one of sixteen warriors in the field, or a duel designed for only two. Use weapons varying from machine gun to lighting blaster, demolish your enemies and grant yourself one more day to breath.

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December 5, 1999


id Software


id Software

Sistemos reikalavimai:

Minimalūs sistemos reikalavimai

  • Sistemos reikalavimai: Windows XP / Vista
  • Procesorius: Pentium 233 Mhz / Pentium II 266 Mhz / AMD 350 Mhz K6-2
  • Atmintis: 64 MB RAM
  • Grafika: 8 MB / 4 MB
  • Talpa: 25 MB

Rekomenduojami sistemos reikalavimai

  • Sistemos reikalavimai: Windows XP
  • Procesorius: Pentium III
  • Atmintis: 64 MB
  • Grafika: GeForce 6200 LE
  • Talpa: 512 MB