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F1 22 (EN/PL) (PC) Origin Key GLOBAL

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Išleidimo data 2022 m. liepos 1 d.
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  • Origin
    OriginGalima atsiimti per Origin. Naudokis aktyvavimo vadovu.
  • Aktyvavimo raktasTai skaitmeninė produkto versija (CD-KEY)Momentinis pristatymas
  • Windows
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    F1 22 (PC) Origin Key GLOBAL
    F1 22 (PC) Origin Key GLOBAL
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    F1 22 (EN/PL) (PC) Origin Key

    Welcome to the all-new Formula 1 era in the newest EA SPORTS game F1 22 (PC) Origin key. This is the official FIA Formula One World Championship 2022 game, that offers the most realistic experience in the market of formula racing games. The new season, together with revamped cars and rules, offers a fresh experience, that will test your skills in the new Miami International Autodrome track and let you have a taste of F1 life. Race with the beautiful cars and admire authentic details. 20 real-world racers and 10 teams will ensure that you will experience immersive and cinematographic racing.

    F1 22 features

    Get to know these fine elements, that will steal all your attention and make you a fan of the series:

    • The all-new season. Get ready to immerse yourself into a new season, try amazing, new cars and iconic races, the all-new Miami International Autodrome included;
    • Redefined Race Day. Take control of your racing experience in immersive and cinematographic Formation Laps races, get to know Safety Car Periods, interactive Pit Stops, and all-new sprint races;
    • Dynamic AI. Totally revamped AI will make even less experienced players feel accomplished;
    • F1 Life. Unlock supercars, stylish attire, accessories, and other cosmetic things that will make you special;
    • My Team. Create your dream team of F1. Choose your starting budget, participate in various events and deepen customization options for your cars;
    • Career mode. Test your driving skills and reach success in the 10-year Career mode;
    • Formula 2. Immerse yourself in training, choose various sessions, 2021 and 2022 seasons’ content included;
    • Split-screen mode. Grab a friend and race together in the split-screen mode;
    • VR mode. PC players have a bonus – especially immersive VR mode. It couldn’t get more realistic in the video game format than this;
    • • Cheap F1 22 (PC) price.

    What more can you expect?

    Jump right into the praised My Team mode, create your dream team, and immerse yourself in races in split-screen and multiplayer modes. Don’t forget to test supercars and feel the joy of driving while sitting behind their wheels. This is the new generation of Formula 1, which includes iconic tracks and racers. You will experience the real life of F1, so if you ever wanted to feel the life of a real-world racer, F1 22 (PC) Origin key has you covered. The all-new season, new rules, new cars, tracks, and redefined game modes are waiting for you together with the taste of a realistic F1 lifestyle. Are you ready?

    Sistemos reikalavimai

    Minimalūs sistemos reikalavimai

    • 64 bitų palaikymas
    • Sistemos reikalavimai
      Windows 10
    • Procesorius
      Intel Core i3-2130 / AMD FX 4300
    • Atmintis
      8 GB RAM
    • Grafika
      RX 470, Radeon RX 6700 XT, GTX 1050 Ti, GeForce RTX 2060
    • DirectX
    • Talpa
      80 GB

    Kita informacija

    PEGI 3
    • Kalbos
      • Anglų
      • Lenkų
    • Išleidimo data
      2022 m. liepos 1 d.
    • Leidėjas
      Electronic Arts Inc.
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    • Tinkamas