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Control Epic Games Key GLOBAL

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Control key

From Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind the rule-bending Quantum Break comes a new supernatural TPS game Control. Buy Control key and meet Jesse Faden, a newly initiated director of the Federal Bureau of Control, with the goal of eradicating the invading otherworldly entity. Discover the secrets of the past, battle the possessed agents, and take back the organization before all fall to ruin.

Joy of Discovery

Fans of Metroidvania can rejoice! The developers of Control took inspiration from the famed series and abandoned the linear story mode in favour of a nonlinear map exploration. In turn, the user has more control over Jesse's movements and the world in general as compared to their previous titles, so any fortunate or dooming turns are in the player's hands.

Freedom of Action

Buy Control key and find out for yourself that freedom is not only the goal of Control but also the cornerstone of the game system itself. Unlock new abilities, modify how and where you want to use it, battle the mysterious Hiss in a way that fits your playstyle. Furthermore, Remedy Entertainment build upon the foundation that Quantum Break laid, enriching the world with intractable objects, giving the player an opportunity to utilize Jesse Faden's environment as both a weapon and defence against the invader.

Never Alone

Buy Control key and immerse yourself in a desperate fight for survival from the very moment the Pre-order will launch online. However, just because the game is meant to be a solo experience, does not mean you will be left alone. The friendly neighbourhood allies will always be there to offer a helping hand.

Travel deeper to the depths of the world in Expeditions mode, try out your hand at solving puzzles and overcome the myriad of side quests. The Federal Bureau is waiting for its newest director, so strap on sturdy boots, grab the trusty sidearm and engage in the battle of wills with an entity from beyond.

Sistemos reikalavimai

Minimalūs sistemos reikalavimai

  • Sistemos reikalavimai
    Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Procesorius
    Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD FX 4350
  • Atmintis
    8 GB
  • Grafika
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
  • Papildomos pastabos
    Widescreen support 21:9 / Remappable controls / Uncapped frame-rate / G-Sync / Freesync support

Kita informacija

  • Kalbos
    • Anglų
    • Ispanų
    • Prancūzų
    • Vokiečių
  • Išleidimo data
    2019 m. rugpjūčio 27 d.
  • Leidėjas
    505 Games
  • Kūrėjai
    Remedy Entertainment
29,77 €

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