Eneba pokalbių taisyklės

Version 1.0, 2022-08-10

  1. When using ENEBA Chat function (“ENEBA Chat”), each ENEBA User must adhere to certain communication rules set out in these ENEBA Chat Rules (the “Rules”).
  2. Each User is free to decide whether they want to use ENEBA Chat or not. Users may control the use of ENEBA Chat via their listing options for each of their listings.
  3. When using the ENEBA Chat, Users:
    1. Cannot send messages with disturbing, violent, hateful, unpleasant, sexually explicit, rude, vulgar, slanderous or any other unacceptable or illegal content. Please communicate respectfully and politely.
    2. Cannot send spam or scam messages of any kind, including messages containing business or commercial offers, affiliate links, phishing links, fraudulent product offers, direct marketing messages and other types of spam messages. ENEBA Chat is not intended for such use.
    3. Cannot attempt to infringe any third-party rights, including intellectual property rights.
    4. Cannot share any personal data, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media contacts, names, surnames or any other personal information. Protect your privacy and do not share such information with strangers, even on ENEBA Chat.
    5. Cannot use any program/script/command or other means in order to attempt to breach ENEBA Platform’s security.
    6. Cannot violate any laws or commit any illegal actions.
    7. Cannot attempt to cheat or scam other Users in relation to any listings on ENEBA Platform or otherwise.
    8. Cannot negotiate and agree to an off-platform sale. ENEBA Chat is intended for the Users to discuss a listing available on ENEBA Platform with the intention of making purchase on the Platform.
  4. ENEBA uses automatic filters to detect any potential misuses of ENEBA Chat.
  5. If we feel like you have violated or circumvented the Rules or even the intention of these Rules, you may face disciplinary action, including restriction of ENEBA Chat or User Account ban. ENEBA reserves the right to restrict any User’s ability to use ENEBA Chat without a warning.