Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Microsoft Key GLOBAL

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Microsoft Key GLOBAL

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Notifica importo: For Windows 10 PC only. NOT COMPATIBLE with JAVA edition worlds and servers. To redeem code visit: http://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem

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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition key

Minecraft: Windows 10 edition now allows you to join the fun on devices running Windows 10 operational system!

When we talk about Minecraft, it‘s hard to say where to begin. The sandbox video game was created by Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang. It‘s a reminiscent 8-bit game where your creativity is the only limiting factor. Imagine playing with lego — it‘s pretty much the same with Minecraft, only the blocks from which you build your masterpieces are neverending.

The World Is Your Playground!

The whole Minecraft Windows 10 Edition world around you is made out of blocks, reality itself is made out of blocks! Birds, sheep, clouds and water are blocks! A never-ending, or rather, the ever-lasting world is full of caves, dungeons, monsters and other player designs! And the best part is that you can collect everything and use anything in your designs! Oh, by the way, there are portals to other dimensions as well.

It‘s All About Crafting!

There are countless possibilities of what you can craft in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition! Combine different materials and create items for construction, survivability, hunt or battle!

Different Game Modes for Your Ultimate Experience!

There are quite a few game modes to explore in single-player:

•Play survival, where you start empty-handed and have to create your own shelter, protection and everything around you from the very scratch.

•Go one step further into extreme survival, where you have a sole life, and with your death, everything created is lost!

•Unleash your talents in Creation mode, where you have instant unlimited resources, immortality, and an ability to fly!

•Ghostly Spectator mode, where you are just a wandering soul, untouchable, unimpactful but equipped with an all witnessing and seeing eye!


Buy Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and join Millions of players online. What‘s happening here will depend on the realm you decide to join. From battle arenas to limited survival matches, to massive construction worlds, Minecraft has it all! Explore, craft, create and enjoy!

Dettagli del gioco

  • Rates 7+Rates 7+
  • Single-playerSingle-player
  • MultiplayerMultiplayer
  • Co-opCo-op
  • Third-personThird-person
  • First-personFirst-person




  • English

Data rilascio:

29 luglio 2015


Mojang AB


Mojang AB

Requisiti del sistema

Requisiti minimi del sistema

  • System requirements: Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
  • Storage: 50 GB

Requisiti raccomandati del sistema

  • System requirements: Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher