Termini e condizioni delle commissioni per i fornitori

Version 1.1, last amended 2023-01-03

1. General Provisions

These ENEBA Vendor Fee and Commission Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Fee T&Cs) regulate commission paid to ENEBA by Vendors as well as payout terms and fees of Vendor earnings.

These Fee T&Cs are an integral part of ENEBA Terms and Conditions and form part of the contract concluded between the Vendor and ENEBA to allow Vendor to sell Digital Content on the Platform. 

All capitalized words not defined herein have the same meaning as defined in the ENEBA Terms and Conditions.

2. Changes to Fee T&Cs

ENEBA reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to these Fee T&Cs, including, but not limited to payout terms and fee / commission amounts provided in the Fee and Commission Index (hereinafter the Index).

Each Vendor shall receive a notice of upcoming changes (hereinafter the Notice) at least 15 (fifteen) days in advance via contact email address provided by the Vendor and/or via Vendor account tab on the Platform. The Notice shall be considered as received by the Vendor the following business day from the sending date. Each Vendor has the right to terminate the contract concluded between them and ENEBA following the receipt of the Notice without any adverse consequences.

Continuing the sale of digital content on the Platform following the receipt of the Notice shall be considered as affirmative action of the Vendor, confirming and accepting the changes described in the Notice.

The changes described in the Notice shall come into effect 15 days following the receipt of the Notice, or at a later date specified in the Notice.

3. Payout Terms

For security reasons, each Vendor becomes eligible to withdraw their earnings from sales of digital content on the Platform after earnings freeze period (hereinafter the Freeze Period) of 14 (fourteen) days elapses. Freeze period is counted from the date and time of each sale, and applies to earnings of each sale individually. Freeze Period is reviewed twice a year.

ENEBA reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to adjust the Freeze Period for each Vendor individually. These adjustments may be initiated depending on their sales quantity (every 6 (six) months), detected security or other risks and/or for any other reason determined by ENEBA. Each Vendor will be notified about such adjustments separately via email and/or via Vendor account tab on the Platform. 

Vendors may be granted the right to use the Expedite Payment option (accessible via Vendor account tab on the Platform). For additional fee (as provided in the Index), the Vendor may reduce their Freeze period by 5 (five) days and additional 5 (five) days (for a total of 10 days).

ENEBA reserves the right to set minimum payout amounts. Current minimum payout amounts are provided in the Index.

ENEBA reserves the right to suspend any payouts in case of suspected breach of ENEBA Terms and Conditions, fraud attempts or any other suspicious or unlawful activity.

ENEBA may change any of the payout terms described in this section of Fee T&Cs at any time for any reason. Vendors will notified about any changes at least 15 (fifteen) days prior to the changes coming into effect via email and/or via Vendor account tab on the Platform,

4. ENEBA Commission and Fees

The Index determines the following ENEBA commission and fee amounts:

  • ENEBA commission applicable to Vendor sales earnings
  • Payout fees (including cross-currency payments and Expedite Payment fees)
  • Minimum payout amounts
  • Platform fees, such as auction price change fee
  • Other fees, as may be provided in the Index



Games, DLCs, Software, below 5 EUR

6%+0,20 EUR

Games, DLCs, Software, equal to and above 5 EUR

6%+0,25 EUR

Gift cards, Subscription, Game Points below 10 EUR


Gift cards, Subscription, Game Points between 10 EUR and 20 EUR

5%+0,10 EUR

Gift cards, Subscription, Game Points above 20 EUR

5%+0,20 EUR

Top Up category (non gaming gift cards) products



2%+0.4 EUR

Payout Fees and Minimum Payout Amount

Minimum payout amount

50 EUR

SEPA transfer (only with EUR payment)


Wire Transfer (SWIFT) (EUR)

1% (minimum applicable fee – 15 EUR) 

PayPal transfer (EUR)


Cross-currency bank transfer

1.5%+fixed fee which depends on the currency

Cross-currency PayPal transfer

1.5%+0.10 EUR

Expedite Payment Fee (5 days)


Expedite Payment Fee (additional 5 days)


Platform Fees

Auction price changes (first 10 changes per auction per 24 hours)


Auction price changes (each subsequent change after first 10 changes)

0,12 EUR