Termini e condizioni del cashback

Version 1.2, last updated 2024-02-26


  1. General 
    1. When you claim or use Cashback, you agree with these Cashback Terms and Conditions (“Cashback Terms”).
    2. ENEBA Terms and Conditions apply to the use of Cashback, including, but not limited to creating an ENEBA Account and/or making purchases on the Platform. Any capitalized definitions not described in these Cashback Terms shall have the meaning set in ENEBA Terms and Conditions.
  2. Claiming Cashback
    1. Cashback is a bonus discount that Users of the Platform can claim and accumulate when purchasing Products on the Platform.
    2. Cashback is only available to select Products and/or regions. Each Product that currently has active Cashback bonus shall be indicated as such in the Product page, displaying the amount of Cashback available for claiming after purchasing the Product. ENEBA reserves the right to add / remove Cashback bonus from any Product or region at any time without prior notice.
    3. In order to receive and claim Cashback, you need to purchase a Product that currently has Cashback bonus active. If a purchased Product has a Product key, Cashback may be claimed only after the purchased Product's key has been viewed. For all other Products Cashback may be claimed after the purchase is completed.
    4. You may claim Cashback off purchases of up to 3 (three) Products per day. 
    5. ENEBA reserves the right to limit the amount of Cashback available to be claimed off a single purchase. Such limit shall be indicated when making a purchase that exceeds the set limit.
    6. You may not claim Cashback when using Eneba Wallet as a payment method.
    7. You may only use one promotion at a time (either use a Discount for your purchase or claim Cashback). Discount and Cashback claim cannot be combined for the same purchase. In such cases, User will get either a Discount on a Product, or claimed Cashback (whichever is higher).
  3. Using Cashback and Cashback Limitations
    1. To be able to use the Cashback, you must first create an account on the Platform in accordance with ENEBA Terms and Conditions.
    2. Cashback is not money. Cashback does not earn interest. Cashback only grants you the right to redeem claimed Cashback for a discount off a purchase on the Platform equal to the amount of claimed Cashback. 
    3. You may only use claimed Cashback to purchase Products on the Platform. Cashback cannot be transferred (including to other Users) or used outside of the Platform in any way.
    4. Cashback may only be used to pay for a percentage of the total order price as set by ENEBA. Rest of the order price needs to be paid by using other available payment methods (including Gift Card Balance in ENEBA Wallet). In no case shall the discount offered by the Cashback reduce the purchase price below 0 (zero). ENEBA reserves the right to change such percentage at any time without prior notice.
    5. Any claimed Cashback has an expiration term of 6 months from the date of claiming the Cashback. Each claim of Cashback has its own separate expiration term. You may view your claimed Cashback and expiration dates in your Eneba Account profile.
    6. ENEBA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any amount of Cashback claimed by a User in case of any alleged or evident fraudulent activity or technical errors.
  4. Final provisions
    1. These Cashback Terms are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
    2. ENEBA makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding any product or service provided by any third party in connection with any Cashback promotion.
    3. ENEBA reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel this Cashback promotion at any time, without providing any reason or explanation.
    4. ENEBA reserves the right to change these Cashback Terms from time to time at our discretion. Any changes or updates to these Cashback Terms shall be published on the Platform.