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Avis important: No expiration date. Only accounts with currency EURO can redeem this code.

Xbox Live Gift Card 50 EUR key

When it comes to the Gift Card business, these offer one of the most convenient, and easily accessible of ways to manage your Xbox Live funds with ease. Buy Xbox Live Gift Card 50 EUR key either for yourself, your friend, or your family and enjoy the all-rounded positive vibe.

Keep in your mind that these Gift Cards have no additional fees, and what’s even more impressive is that they come with no expiration date, isn’t that a blast? In other words, after your purchase, you don’t even need to reclaim your purchase, if you don’t want it, the money inside won’t disappear – ever!

This Xbox Live Gift Card 50 EUR key increases your Xbox Live account by, well, 50 EUR! And 50 EUR is always a nice number to keep with you. There’s no guarantee that the AAA title that costs 60 EUR today, won’t drop to 50 EUR next week, and if it would – you’re all set for the grabs!

It’s also worth noting that Xbox Live Gift Card keys range in their value significantly, 50 EUR is somewhat on the middle ground, as the least Gift Card can boost you with is 10 EUR, and the highest amount is the wee-rounded 100 EUR!

Look no further, pick the Xbox Live Gift Card 50 EUR key and make your purchase, you’ll love it!

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September 3, 2013


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Microsoft Studios