Surviving Mars Steam Key GLOBAL

Surviving Mars Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Traduit automatiquementJe suis nouveau dans ce type de simulation, même si j'adore le thème. Après un tutoriel complet et quelques heures,

Surviving Mars key

Set up your difficulty by selecting a sponsor for your mission, whether you get sponsored by USA, India, Russia or some other country, will greatly impact your progress throughout the game. Select your commander’s profile: oligarch, futurist or maybe a rocket scientist? Buy Surviving Mars key, pick a piece of land, get into your space rocket and take off. Do not be fooled, however, as the well-being of the entire human race rests on your scrupulous shoulders.

Challenges Throughout

Being a great colonizer, such as you are, you soon find yourself sending robots and machinery to do your bidding. Gathering resources like water, various metals, and concrete. Building steam refineries and water reserves and exploring the unknown are the key points to your success. A vast variety of space buildings and technological researches are there to help you spread your ingenious tactics across the wasteland.

Inside Threats

Buy Surviving Mars key and, using your fine-tuned surface exploration skills, find many anomalies and mysteries that will impact your gameplay in one way or the other. Once you set a solid grounding, multiple earthlings will start flying to your resort! Keep a sharp eye though – every single inhabitant possesses unique traits and skills, and by no means, every one of them comes armed with good intentions.

There Is No End

Due to various decisions that you make and their eventual outcomes you’ll find the challenges both, entertaining, and immersive to the finest of detail. Your every decision has a great impact on the overall colony management, the well-being of settlers, technological enhancements, exploration points and more! Due to multiple ever-changing factors, no two games with Surviving Mars key are ever the same! Get yours today!

Détails du jeu

  • Âge 7+Âge 7+
  • Mono-joueurMono-joueur
  • Bird-viewBird-view

Genre :

Fonctionne sur :

Langues :

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Espagnol, Castillan
  • Français
  • Polonais
  • Portuguese-Brazil
  • Russe

Date de publication :

15 mars 2018


Haemimont Games


Paradox Interactive

Configuration système

Configuration minimale du système

  • Configuration système : Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processeur: 4th Generation Intel i3 CPU
  • Mémoire: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphique: HD 4600/Gece 620/Radeon 6450 GPUs 1 GB RAM
  • Stockage: 6 GB

Configuration système recommandée

  • Configuration système : Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processeur: 5th Generation Intel i5 CPU
  • Mémoire: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphique: Gece 750 Ti 4GB RAM
  • Stockage: 6 GB