No Man's Sky Steam Key NORTH AMERICA

No Man's Sky Steam Key NORTH AMERICA

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  • Windows

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    Traduit automatiquementJ'étais très incertain à l'idée d'entrer dans No Man's Sky, peu importe ce que tout le monde avait dit. Je suis finalement tombé en panne et je l'ai acheté,

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No Man's Sky key

No Man’s Sky key presents an open-world sci-fi survival game developed by Helio Games. First off, No Man’s Sky is an experience. Traverse the never-ending universe, literally, the entire universe is generated procedurally so whatever you’ll come across may as well be discovered for the very first time! Since it’s launch, the game’s been expanding no stop, and today it’s truly a remarkable journey through space and beyond!

Aim for the Stars

There’s but a simple moto with No Man’s Sky key: ‘if there’s a star that you see, you must be able to reach it’. If you happen to find a planet with amazing environments, wildlife, etc… better take some photos as you might be the only single individual to have seen it so far! Your space exploration comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, so you’ll have to choose your preferred space approach early in advance!

What’s Your Story?

Become a merciless pirate and steal from the poor or become a huntsman and live off the bounties! Of course, with No Man’s Sky key, you could always follow the trader path through which you’ll reap resources from rich planets and sell them for only the heavens know what worth. Or just fly doing your business and explore the unknown, that is, be the brave explorer who must unravel the mysteries of our very existence!

Endless Adventure

No Man’s Sky key unlocks a universe which could be compared to a living and breathing organism. The setting is constantly changing and expanding, and you must constantly change along with it. Share your discoveries with other players, and who knows, maybe they’ll share theirs! Exploration was always captivating, in No Man’s Sky game it’s simply breathtaking!

Configuration requise

Configuration système minimale

  • Configuration système
    Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
  • Processeur
    Intel Core i3
  • Mémoire
    8 GB RAM
  • Graphique
    nVidia GTX 480 / AMD Radeon 7870
  • Stockage
    10 GB

Autres détails

  • Langues
    • Anglais
  • Date de sortie
    9 août 2016
  • Éditeur
    Hello Games
  • Développeurs
    Hello Games
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