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Playstation Plus Card 90 days (NO)

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (NO) is worth it! Why? Because it grants you access to the complete freedom on the PlayStation Network! Even though, the PlayStation Network is a free-of-charge service, some of its most intricate features are only accessible through a monthly subscription fee. PS Plus is a membership that unlocks limitless entertainment and well-rounded experience, try it once and see it for yourself!

First of the worthy to discuss features that you’ll instantly get with your membership is the free monthly games! How does it work? Buy the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days, activate it on your PSN (NO) account and get to play through two awesome games each month, entirely for free! In your three months period, you’ll get to experience six captivating titles! This alone already makes the subscription worth your while, but there’s way more!

The main aim of the PlayStation Network is to connect people, and with the PS Plus subscription, the platform surely excels at it! If you’re a gaming fan, you know how important the online play is, and what it offers! Bring your experience online, get the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days, and test your skills across the worldwide community! Think you are the best? The online multiplayer matchmaking will set you up against the players of your skill level, and then you’ll be able to prove it!

Together with these features, PS Plus also offers an impressive amount of members-exclusive discounts for your favourite as well as the most popular games! Even if your desired pick is not on offer right now – the price drop is just a matter of time. The platform is constantly changing and evolving according to the latest user demand, 3 months is plenty to grant your wishes!

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November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment