PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (DE) PSN Key GERMANY

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    • Playstation
  • No expiration date. Code is valid only for the GERMANY PSN account.

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PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (DE)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (DE) and unlock all the features that the PlayStation Network is able to provide! While in its essence, PSN is a free-to-use service, some of its most worthy features lie within the PS Plus subscription, and if you want the complete and well-rounded experience, buying the PS Plus Card is worth your deepest consideration.

Buy the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days and join the community for the entire year duration! What’s in it for you? Purchasing the yearly subscription is the cheapest way to becoming a member of the club, it’s also the easiest – single purchase for a whole year lasting adventure!

With PSN you get the access to use a bunch of entertainment apps as well as PlayStation Video feature, however, only by acquiring the PS Plus subscription you will be able to play games online, receive 2 entirely free games every month, enjoy tons of exclusive discounts, and on top of it all, immerse in the role of beta tester for some of the newest games on the market!

With PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription you’ll see and feel what the PSN is all about – connectivity, shared entertainment, and the utmost user satisfaction. The platform is constantly evolving, growing, and changing – much like the gaming industry’s trends and the games themselves!

If you desire to be a part of something grand, to communicate with like-minded people all across the globe, and get the most for your money value – this offer right here stands as the undisputed champion on the market, and it’s all yours to acquire! Get the subscription today and enjoy the limitless benefits all throughout the year!

Date de publication :

November 29, 2013


Sony Computer Entertainment


Sony Computer Entertainment