Othercide (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES

Othercide (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES

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    Othercide (Xbox One)

    Want to expand your Xbox library with a unique title? Buy Othercide Xbox key! Lightbulb Crew and Focus Home Interactive present a stylish roguelike turn-based tactics game with an exceptional style and a set of unique systems that bridge the gap between the gameplay experience and the melancholic narrative explored in the 5 chapter-long campaign. Redeem the Othercide key and prepare to lead a squad of warrior Daughters in their battle against grotesque Lovecraftian horrors from another dimension!

    Narrative with gothic themes

    The story of the game focuses on a group of Daughters traversing a bleak world on their quest against Suffering itself! Each Daughter is an echo of a legendary warrior known as the Red Mother, summoned to existence from a mysterious place called the Inner Void. Buy Othercide Xbox key and follow a gothic-themed narrative defined by distinct style, rich lore, interesting backstories for each character, and an abundance of horror elements!

    Othercide gameplay

    Othercide plays as a TBS strategy game that has you exchanging turns with enemy forces during combat. You will learn the art of battle through a process of trial and error as every action in the game has heavy consequences. For example, the only way to heal a wounded Daughter is to ruthlessly sacrifice her sister and bear the emotional burden of such act. Misuse of action points is punished with slower recharge time and if Daughters stay alive for too long – their stats are affected by arrogance. Buy Othercide Xbox key if you feel ready for such a challenge!

    Othercide features:

    • TBS experience. Lightbulb Crew presents a tactical turn-based strategy title packed with distinct gameplay systems designed around replays and character sacrifice;
    • Gothic style. Othercide is defined by its unique melancholic presentation. Black and white are the dominant colors in the game, with red highlights completing the overall aesthetic;
    • Enticing campaign. If you’re looking for a story-rich experience – this is it! Each major character is surrounded by interesting lore and the overall themes have interesting psychological undertones. Not to mention an all-female main cast!
    • Character classes. Get creative in your tactics with powerful Daughters that come in three classes: close-range Blademaster; tank-like Shieldbearer and long-range Soulslinger;
    • • Othercide Xbox key is available for a good price!

    Andere Details

    • Sprachen:
      • Englisch
    • Veröffentlichungsdatum:
      28. Juli 2020
    • Herausgeber
      Focus Home Interactive
    • Entwickler
      Lightbulb Crew