Citizen Sleeper (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES

Citizen Sleeper (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES

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    Citizen Sleeper

    Coming from the creators of Jump Over The Age and brought to you by Fellow Traveller, this game is going to rock your world! The release date of Citizen Sleeper key is 2022-05-05 and the game is available on Steam, ready to pull you into another unmatched virtual experience. Gaming is all about spending your leisure time entertained and putting a certain set of your skills to the test to improve them, and this title does all that with top-notch quality. Want to see for yourself? Buy Citizen Sleeper Steam key at a cheaper price and enjoy another great title in your collection!

    Adventure genre

    Are you interested in solving puzzles and completing tasks along the way? If yes, then dive into Citizen Sleeper Steam key. Since it’s an adventure game, you’ll get to engage in an interactive storyline driven by questions and exploration. Think, explore, find answers, and forget that time even exists. The game will let you take a break from the monotony of everyday life by dropping you into something intriguing and mysterious. Let it take you away, achieve great results, and congratulate yourself every step of the way!


    Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with Citizen Sleeper key for hours on end! It’s bound to happen, especially since this title includes these features:

    • Choices matter – The player’s actions affect the world of the game;
    • Exploration – You venture into unexplored lands to discover secrets, hidden locations, and meet characters;
    • Indie – The locations, characters, soundtrack, and story were created by a smaller, independent developer team;
    • Isometric view – The camera pans over the field that combines both 2D and 3D graphics;
    • RPG – You take the role of the protagonist, hone your skills, and face various challenges to complete missions;
    • Singleplayer – The game features a solo campaign with a story;
    • • Cheap Citizen Sleeper price.



    • 64bit-Unterstützung
    • Systemanforderungen
      Windows 7
    • Arbeitsspeicher
      4 GB RAM
    • DirectX
    • Speicherplatz
      2 GB

    Andere Details

    • Sprachen:
      • Englisch
    • Veröffentlichungsdatum:
      5. Mai 2022
    • Publisher
      Fellow Traveller
    • Entwickler
      Jump Over The Age
    • Funktioniert auf