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Mass Effect 3 Origin Key GLOBAL

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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is an action-adventure shooter RPG developed by BioWare corporation. The Reapers are dominating the galaxy and entire civilizations are getting wiped-out! Our Earth is no exception as they have overtaken it as well!

It’s up to commander Shepard to take control of the situation. The Reapers are way too strong for one man to handle, so a backup is coming! It’s good to have someone you can trust guarding your back!

Build a super squad consisting of various races, species, backgrounds, powers, and battle experience! Combine their unique attributes to form an Elite Squad that will make the Reapers second-guess their choices.

Customize your character, increase its stats, wield variety of weapons and armours, and fight against opponents that grow stronger with each second!


  • Alterseinstufung 18+ (erwachsen)Alterseinstufung 18+ (erwachsen)
  • EinzelspielerEinzelspieler
  • MehrspielerMehrspieler
  • Third-personThird-person


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March 6, 2013


BioWare Corporation


Electronic Arts Inc.



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