Starbound (ROW) (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Starbound (ROW) (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Popis produktu

    What is Starbound?

    Buy Starbound Steam key and traverse the unknown worlds all throughout the universe! Choose your own journey, craft your own destiny, and face numerous challenges all throughout your journey. Survive in the cosmos, explore the extra-terrestrial fauna and flora, craft your ship and get immersed in the adventure of a lifetime! Developed and published by Chucklefish, this title brings exactly the experience you’d want!

    No Predetermined Paths

    The piece offers you an unprecedented opportunity to explore, experiment! Try a whole array of activities that might not even have anything in common with one another! Buy Starbound Steam key and assume the intergalactic saviour role, or on the contrary, neglect those in need and start creating your own empire from scratch! And that’s but a few prime examples, you can just as well live an ordinary life, or explore the endless space realm with your ship.

    Sandbox Environment

    The game’s set in multiple worlds, and endless cosmos connecting them. You can traverse both, and both will offer adventures, challenges, and rewards that far exceed your wildest expectations! Buy Starbound Steam key and build upon the lands you discover! Secret underwater hideout? Deep underground bunker? A space station peacefully gliding through the galaxy?! There are options, a lot of options.

    Various Game Modes

    The title offers three distinct game modes, of which each is available as both, offline and online co-op experience. Play Casual if you strive for a challenge but are not concerned with real-life limitations like hunger or death. Play Survival if you consider hunger and death as part of the experience. And choose Hardcore if you want to immerse in the game with all you’ve got (character’s permadeath applies here). Buy Starbound Steam key and craft your own tale amongst the stars!

    Systémové požadavky

    Minimální systémové požadavky

    • Systémové požadavky
      Windows XP
    • Procesor
      Core 2 Duo
    • Paměť
      2 GB
    • Grafika
      256 MB
    • Úložný prostor
      3 GB

    Další podrobnosti

    PEGI 12
    • Jazyky
      • Angličtina
    • Datum vydání
      22. července 2016
    • Vydavatel
    • Vývojáři
    • Pracuje na