While Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games in the battle royale genre, it’s also probably the last to implement one key feature that the game has been missing right until now. New update in game’s testing servers introduced the long-awaited pinging system which will allow players to communicate with ease.

The new feature is called Radio Message and will enable team members to communicate with ease. Radio Message will be able to send text-based pings to alert their teammates about enemies, request more ammo or medicine, point friends towards the desired direction and mark the location of loot found on the ground. According to the patch notes Radio Message will be able to send eight different types of pings.

While the new feature is currently available only for PC testing server players, the developers confirmed that it will roll out to live game very soon. However, there’s no information about the feature coming to consoles. We might expect it to come to other platforms at a later date since the pinging system is arguably even more useful for players playing on the console.

However, Radio Message is not the only thing added with the new patch. In addition to overall performance improvements, Update #30 also added a new BRDM-2 vehicle, Deagle handgun, and Gas Cans. The update also introduced the first iteration of Ledge Grab which will enable players to climb fences and more.

You can find all the patch notes by clicking this link.