Having technical issues with the product?

Such issues are usually encountered after the activation of the product. If that is the case, keep in mind that our Customer Support Team can only help with the activation and redemption of the product.

If you require information about the activation of products, look into our Activation guides.

If the issue is with the product itself (cannot start properly, issues with the performance, bugs), we can only forward you to the operating platform's support. We also suggest checking the issue on the internet as other people might encounter it as well and find a way to solve it. Keep in mind that some of the issues might be caused by your operating system, so don't forget to check the requirements of the product before purchasing. 

Bear in mind that we can only refund a valid key that isn't activated and displayed yet. Once the key is activated, there's no way for us to deactivate or remove it from your account, so the key has value only to you now.

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