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    The game is okay. It's not my type of shooter because I don't get involved in the story because it is just boring in my opinion,

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Product description

Serious Sam 4 Steam Key

Croteam and Devolver Digital enkindles the gaming world with a new release in the swashbuckling FPS series! Serious Sam 4 game is the installment that follows the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE where we dealt with legions of some bold aliens. Mental’s minions are out there, bringing about the greatest destruction the world has ever seen, and now it’s you and your misfit crew against the hordes of unleashed monsters! Buy Serious Sam 4 Steam key and enjoy the action on top of over-the-top action!

Aliens? No problem!

Mental’s frightening alien hordes have driven human civilization to ruins, destroying relentlessly everything we used to call home and hold dear! The last remaining resistance to the invasion is the Earth Defense Force led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his unmatched crew of outcasts that have nothing to lose. Serious Sam 4 key delivers an action-packed juggernaut FPS gameplay to bring an experience filled with the thrill of dealing with nasty aliens from a first-person perspective! Are you ready to enter the world that doesn’t allow a moment’s break? It’s your time to shine!

Frenzied combat amidst the chaos

Serious Sam 4 stands out from the majority of FPS games with the choice of developers to equip the main character with limited weaponry instead of the typically wide arsenal of weapons. The single shotgun and the double shotgun were always a part of the series, and now Sam has a third shotgun added for the sake of fun! Explosions, endless shooting and inhuman screeches all rage around you as you do everything in your power to take down as many Mental’s extraterrestrial beings as humanly possible! If you are seeking action to grip you truly from the first moment you launch the game, then you finally found what you’ve been looking for.

Major Serious Sam 4 gameplay features

Serious Sam 4 gameplay has much to unpack. The game boasts an unstoppable arsenal up against an unimaginable number of enemies that requires players to use creativity in dire situations instead of simply shooting everything in their way!

  • Legion system. The new Legion brings back the iconic Headless Kamikaze, Beheaded Rocketeer, Kleer, Scrapjack, and Werebull, but the catch is that they are not coming back alone - they will be joined by thousands of aliens;
  • Chaotic combat. You must be aware of your surroundings because you can be attacked from any side, so plenty of situations await where you must;
  • Limited arsenal of weapons. This time you are loaded with three shotguns, adding challenge, fun, and uniqueness to the FPS gameplay;
  • Variety of personalities. Your companions are all kinds of misfits and each shines in their own way, having distinct personalities and combat styles;
  • • Cheaper Serious Sam 4 price.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • System requirements
    Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor
    4-core CPU @ 2.5 GHz
  • Memory
    8 GB RAM
  • Graphics
    nVidia GeForce 780/970/1050 or AMD Radeon 7950/280/470 (3 GB VRAM)
  • Storage
    42 GB

Other details

  • Languages
    • English
  • Release date
    September 24, 2020
  • Publisher
    Devolver Digital
  • Developers
  • Works on