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Police Stories Steam Key GLOBAL

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Reviews: 3

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    Auto-translatedIt's a really nice game that's really challenging especially at the beginning but also very addicting as a result. I have to admit that the playthrough time isn't the longest,
    In Police Stories, the player takes on the role of a police officer who must solve crimes and apprehend criminals.
    A lovely game to play, even with your girlfriend. The scenario is okay and after practice and the purchases, it gets better and better.

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Product description

Police Stories

Want to re-experience the magic that was Hotline Miami? Well, Mighty Morgan and HypeTrain Digital game studios present an explosive experience greatly inspired by the aforementioned game - Police Stories! This title is a retro-style top-down shooter with a heavy emphasis on tactics, making split-second decisions, and cracking down on criminal activity. Whether you decide to tackle wrongdoings as a lone wolf or together with a buddy in co-op, you’re in for an unforgettable ride that follows the stories of two police operatives. Buy Police Stories Steam key - infiltrate gang hideouts, rescue hostages, perform arrests, and much more!

Police Stories gameplay features

Dealing with life-threatening situations is that much more adrenaline-inducing thanks to the various features included in the Police Stories key! Here’s what you can expect from this fresh take police-themed games:

  • The Surrender System. Violence isn’t always the best way to make the criminal submit - shoot warning shots, intimidate, engage in melee combat and apprehend the suspects without bloodshed;
  • Your buddy. It’s dangerous to go alone - that’s why your fellow cop Rick Jones is there to back you up. Issue commands, be nice, and who knows, maybe he’ll save your life in turn;
  • Random encounters. Everything in the level - the criminals, the evidence, the hostages - is placed in different locations with every restart;
  • Complex tactics. Going guns blazing will just attract unnecessary attention - stake out your surrounding, advance carefully & silently, and always make sure you have enough bullets;
  • Get that high score. Everything you do is added up to the level score in real time - being aggressive might be fun but it won’t give you enough points to progress to the next level;
  • • Cheap Police Stories price.

On the right side of the law

Cops have to deal with all kinds of lowlives, from petty criminals itching to get another fix to well-organised gangs and even terrorists - prepare to deal with all of them with the Police Stories Steamkey! While the life you lead as an enforcer of law is dangerous, it’s not like you're out there gunning for justice empty-handed. Grab your gun belt, protective gear and utilize all the end-of-the-line police equipment to spy, sneak in, and immobilize the suspects. From defusing bombs to cleaning out gang hideouts, pulse-pounding action awaits in the Police Stories game!

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • System requirements
    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1
  • Processor
    Intel Pentium 2.9 Ghz
  • Memory
    2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics
    512 Mb DirectX 9
  • DirectX
  • Storage
    400 MB

Other details

  • Languages
    • English
  • Release date
    September 19, 2019
  • Publisher
    HypeTrain Digital
  • Developers
    Mighty Morgan
  • Works on