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Kenshi Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Kenshi is a sandbox RPG that presents a wide world for the players to explore whilst they build up their own story, no playthroughs being the same,
    Auto-translatedIn general it is a great game that gives you a lot of freedom to create stories as a player, the only problem I see is that it is poorly optimized and
    All my life, I have been looking for Kenshi without knowing it. It is the perfect mix of open-world RPG and settlement building and defence.
    Auto-translatedVery good and complete. It is a bit difficult to start playing, but as soon as you start, impossible to stop due to the REAL sandbox possibilities it offers.
    Auto-translatedVery accurate kids, the game is complete, weno, you can do whatever you want, but beware, you're an ordinary person, you're not immortal,

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Product description


Kenshi is an open-world sandbox RPG developed by Lo-Fi Games.

Experience the harsh and unforgiving world, where there are no fantasy-knock-off clichés like magic.

Experience the world where you are nothing but a mortal man, amongst many more powerful than you.

Fight for your survival with every-last-drop of resilience you have and make yourself known.

Become a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, or get enslaved, or even eaten by cannibals.

The world isn’t centred around you, it’s ever-changing despite of your existence and your early death will only make as much of an impact as your presence did.

In a humongous open-world, stretching over 870 square kilometres, you either don’t matter and die off, or you matter a lot, and make something out of yourself.

Build a base, a city, a kingdom. Be good, or be evil! Travel alone, recruit a mercenary party, or create yourself a trained warrior companion squad. Raid cities and camps or destroy slavery camps and take slaves under your care.

Kenshi game world is yours to experience.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • System requirements
    64-bit Windows
  • Processor
    Dual-core 64-bit
  • Memory
    6 GB RAM
  • Graphics
    Pixel 3.0DirectX®:11
  • Storage

Recommended system requirements

  • System requirements
    Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor
    Quad-core 64-bit
  • Memory
    16 GB RAM
  • Storage

Other details

  • Languages
    • English
    • Portuguese-Brazil
    • Spanish
  • Release date
    December 6, 2018
  • Publisher
    Lonely Troops
  • Developers
    Lo-Fi Games
  • Works on